Bounty Hounds Online Introduces in the Ruthless Agent Class

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German MMO publisher InnoGames has released a new gameplay trailer for Sci-fi action MMO Bounty Hounds Online, highlighting the abilities of Agent character class. Agent could be a popular class in this game since he/she's a master of ranged and melee weapons. Take a glance at the capability of Agent below.

Bounty Hounds Online Agent Trailer

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Endowed with fast action and accurate attack, Agent is a ruthless mercenary utilising the powers of darkness. His strength is to dodge incoming attacks and counter his target with critical hits. As an Agent you can shoot your enemies with a precise sniping rifle and slash them with your circleblades when they are closing in on you. The Agent is a very agile class that fights the enemy with the dark art of war.

Bounty Hound online

Before the Agent, the Engineer and the Heavy Gunner classes had been unveiled. Now there are still 2 classes to be announced and looking from the Taiwanese version, the unannounced classes are biochemical mercenary and assault class (official name TBA) respectively.

Bounty Hound online

The closed beta of the game was launched in May, with open beta expected to start in July(it's said that the OB date will be announced very soon). Stay tuned for further information.

Bounty Hound online



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