Wizardry Online Four Classes' Skill Trees Preview

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Wizardry Online(JP) has revealed the latest info about skill trees. It is not hard to see that every skill system is based on different classes and is endowed with unique characteristics. Players of the same class will have different abilities if only they acquire different skills. Of course, they can either choose to learn skills of different trees or just focus on a specific tree. Below is a list of all skill systems. Please note that the official English names could be different. Source: 4Gamer(JP)



- Weaken your enemy and turn the situation favorable to yourself.

- Have many AOE sub-skills to get your enemy into abnormality or reduce their defense.

- Enhancing this skill is one way to deal with trappers.


- Have massive power under specific conditions

- Have a number of sub-skills to attack your enemy from the side or back and deal the same or higher damage than warriors.

- You are required to master high techniques, for you need to observe the enemy's actions frequently.

- In comparison of solo battle, group battle can better reflect the true value of this skill.

Wizardry Online


- Control the combat trend

- A majority of sub-skills are used to adjust combat rhythm and trend, for example, you can transfer special effects from you or other players to another one.

- It will be very useful if it is used well.



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