Rusty Hearts (KR) Unveils the Newest Character Natasha

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Rusty Hearts, a new action MMO that catches players' eyes through its immersive storyline and animated style, has recently released a promotional trailer for its new character "Natasha". To arouse players' curiosity, the official let the new character show up as a dark figure deliberately.

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Rusty Hearts (KR) - 4th Character Natasha Trailer

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Rusty Hearts, which was made public in 2007, drew much attention from players at the very beginning thanks to its adoption of the rare cel-shading technique, unique animated visuals and smooth scenes. Set in an old European castle, the game empowers players to perform 360-degree attacks by use of 8 arrow keys, and enable them to grow up and unveil the secrets in the old castle progressively by doing quests.


In terms of character settings, each character in Rusty Hearts is personalized and endowed with a special story, in order for players to get immersed. The new character Natasha that Windy Soft unveiled this time is a medium-range attacker mainly using pistols and rifles. Rifles can deal simple but severe damage to enemies, while pistols can release glorious AoE attacks. To hold players in suspense, Natasha's real look was kept secret no matter in the promotional trailer or the teaser poster.

Natasha Natasha

Natasha Natasha



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