Kingdom Under Fire Online to Launch 1st CBT on June 22

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Korea-based Dragonfly has recently made an official announcement, saying that its new online AOS game Kingdom Under Fire Online will perform the first CBT from June 22 to 26.

Kingdom Under Fire Online - Official Promo Trailer

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As a brand-new online AOS game adapted from the world's best-selling Xbox-based game Kingdom Under Fire, Kingdom Under Fire Online boasts balanced content and outstanding graphics, and is mainly characterized by PvP combats and fierce holy wars.

Kingdom Under Fire Online   Kingdom Under Fire Online

In the upcoming test, Kendal and Regnier, two leading characters featured in the first chapter of Kingdom Under Fire, will show up first; 6 races and 12 classes from the Human Alliance and the Dark Legion will be made open; 1 tutorial map designed for newbies and 3 offensive & defensive training maps will be presented; and 21 kinds of items will also be made available for players to advance and enhance their skills.

Kingdom Under Fire Online

As Dragonfly's development director expressed, Kingdom Under Fire Online is expected to give players much AOS gaming fun through its uplifting actions and fast-paced combats.



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