Eden Eternal Opens New Server with Item Mall Launched

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Aeria Games today announced that its latest free-to-play title Eden Eternal has already launched a third server, named Garnet, to appease popular demand for the game. The new anime-style MMORPG entered Open Beta (OB) testing less than 2 days ago and launched the Item Mall for players Thursday evening.

Open Beta Preview Trailer

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Eden Eternal experienced a similar scenario at the start of its Closed Beta (CB) on June 1, when unanticipated levels of participation prompted the company to launch a second world less than 24 hours after CB testing began. Garnet joins Eden Eternal's current 2 worlds, Emerald and Aquamarine, and will provide a new environment for players just entering the game.

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal's exciting recent events include:

  • New Server Launched - Garnet is now open! Be the first to create your character, build a guild town, and master the dungeons in Eden Eternal's brand new world!
  • Item Mall Opens - Exciting costumes, dye packs, fun pets, and tons of useful gear and other are items are now for sale in Eden Eternal's Item Mall!
  • 1 Million AP Giveaway - All players who reach Level 30 in Eden Eternal prior to July 1 are eligible to win 1,000,000 Aeria Points (AP). Use AP in any of Aeria Games' diverse catalog of MMO titles.

Eden Eternal

Based on its passionate player engagement and high participation levels, Eden Eternal is rapidly becoming the company's most successful title to date. Learn more about the game from Eden Eternal CB preview(part1, part2) and download the game here.



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