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What's up with the last several attacks on game companies? We've kept hearing quite many companies being targeted by hacker since the first time the public focused on hacker attacking Sony PSN in April. It seems that almost not one game company is safe overnight. More and more companies are to at the hands of the hacker group. From last week or so, Epic, Nintendo, and Bethesda have each announced that they were attacked by hackers. Moreover, EVE Online and are the latest victims of mischievous hacking crew LulzSec. League of Legends is added to the list of games being attacked by LulzSec too.

EVE online Hacked

According to Gamasutra, suspected PSN hackers were arrested in Spain. However, Anonymous attacks Spanish police site in response to Sony arrests quickly.

Anonymous news site AnonOps posted a press release purportedly from the group, claiming the attack and others like it were peaceful protests analogous to a real-world sit-in.

"Arresting somebody for taking part in a DDoS attack is exactly like arresting somebody for attending a peaceful demonstration in their hometown," the release reads. "Anonymous believes this right to peacefully protest is one of the fundamental pillars of any democracy..."



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