Dragonica Shutting down in Korea next Month

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NCsoft announced to shut down Dragonica KR server in July while the publisher of the 3D anime style MMO will close the cash shop on June 15. The Dragonica KR official site has released the notice in regard to the server closure. According to NCsoft, players who have purchased from the cash shop in the past 3 months will receive NCsoft points for free, as compensation.

Dragonica is developed by Korean studio Barunson Interactive and the game has released 2 expansions by now. Dragonica released in EU in 2009 and in NA in 2010. Now the North American version is called Dragon Saga.


Together with Dragonica, NCsoft will close another game Point Blank, a MMOFPS in Korea in July. Currently, NCsoft is also operating the game in Central and South America.

Point Blank



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