The Future Trend of Adults-only Korean MMOs

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Adult is the keyword for Korean MMOs in the first half of 2011.

More than 10 adults-only games have appeared on the market starting from January, such as Hangame's TERA, Liveplex's Dragona Online, Aurora Games' Runes of Magic, HanbitSoft's The Heaven of Three Kingdoms, NetMarble's Soldier of Fortune Online and Actoz Soft's Dark Blood.

A large part of adults-only MMOs were ranked at the top of the search list for several weeks since their debut, showing how popular they were. However, not all such games could keep enjoying high popularity. Except several ones, most adult games couldn't stay on top.

With the approach of summer, I deliberately visited the official sites of those 18+ games.

Full SizeTERA screenshot

Popular adult MMOs should keep the good tendency.

Without question, TERA, Dark Blood and Soldier of Fortune Online have made the best achievements in the first half of this year. Having integrated innovative content and appropriate adult elements, they were favoured by players before their official release.

Full SizeTERA screenshot

Although TERA is somewhat not so popular as before due to its deficient content and other problems, it is strong enough to move forward. Dark Blood and Soldier of Fortune Online have made good performance among action and shooter games, and achieved half of the success. TERA, Dark Blood and Soldier of Fortune Online have respectively been ranked 12, 32 and 41 on the recent search list. Indeed, their rankings dropped, in comparison with other games that came out during the same period, they have reaped the best results.

It is expected that they will attain greater successes by carrying out massive updates in summer.



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