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SG Interactive, developer and publisher of several popular free-to-play games, today announced that a new character had arrived to kick butt in side-scrolling action-brawler Grand Chase: Chaos. Ley, a powerful Summoner, is the first character to be added to Grand Chase since the major Chaos update last month and her powerful skill set is sure to add a little chaos of its own.

Grand Chase: Chaos Ley

Ley appears to be a young woman, but actually is so old that her age cannot be calculated in human terms. A member of the powerful and magical Crimson River family, Ley has been sent by her father to the world of Grand Chase to investigate strange happenings in their own magical world. As a magic-using character, Ley has a special skill set that allows her to use Action Points instead of Mana Points, much like the popular character Dio.

For more information on Grand Chase, including details on how to give Ley’s mystical skills a try, please visit

Grand Chase: Chaos Ley



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By Cindyhio
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