Black Prophecy US Kicks Off Open Beta Today

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3 months after the EU Open Beta, Black Prophecy will kick off Open Beta in US today. Announced by Black Prophecy US Community Manager Dust at E3 2011, the US version of the space action MMO will leave Closed Beta today and allow all interested gamers to join the fierce space fight. You can visit BP official site for more info. On the other hand, BP fansite prophecynation released an exclusive E3 video, check it out.

Black Prophecy E3 video

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Black Prophecy has been live in EU but the game. Although the game features fast paced combat and first/third person camera switch, Black Prophecy is blamed for having too many bugs and lack of contents. The developer has released a new patch last month, adding more missions into the game and fixing some problems. There's also a small patch to be added soon.


Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy



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