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Summer vacation is approaching again unconsciously, and most students might be busy preparing for their finals. Blade & Soul, a striking blockbuster that ended its first CBT on May 1, is set to kick off the next round of test in August. After prosperity, the circle of new games seemed gloomy in May, but there're still some new exciting projects made public. Certain game companies even held press conferences to unveil their new products in 2011. Now, let's look back and check out the new games in May!

The third Hangame EX - Hangame EX 2011 was held between May 13th and May 14th. As a new product release conference, Hangame EX 2011 unveiled 6 awesome MMOs to the public, including Project R1, Kritika, EOS, Acheron, Fighters Club and Professional Baseball: The Fan.

Project R1 is deemed as an orthodox sequel to Ragnarok Online by lots of game workers. Project R1 will be developed as a casual martial arts MMORPG that shapes a virtual society based on human relationships and communication.

Action MMORPG Kritika, developed by Lunia Online's developer Allm, emphasizes 3D extreme actions & fascinating characters. The game is expected to launch its CBT in 2011 and OBT in the first half of 2012. Kritika even allows players to enjoy smooth gameplay on low-specification computers, and endeavors to make players able to adventure around the gaming world freely and taste its essence within a very short time.

[Hangame EX 2011] Kritika - Debut Trailer

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