EverQuest II 'Children of War' Update Interview

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Q: Hello! My name is Michael Fuchs, and I'm a Columnist with MMOSite. Could you tell us a bit about you and your position with Sony Online Entertainment?

A: My name is Dave Georgeson and I'm the Executive Producer in charge of the EverQuest franchise.

Q: As any fan of Everquest II knows, The Children at War is the 60th update for the game. How would you describe your experiences with working on a game that's lived this long?

A: Fantastic. MMOs are different than every other type of game. If it survives the first year or so, it gets better and better with age. EQII has not only survived, but it is arguably one of the best high-fantasy MMORPGs that has ever been created. It's amazing to work on this game right now, with all of the deep content, lore and feature sets, as well as challenging (in a fun, creative way) as we constantly come up with new features and fun for the players on a regular basis. Plus, it's also cool to work with an engine and toolset that's this mature. You can do a lot when you're leaning on the work of seven to eight years of dev effort.

EverQuest II - Children of War

Q: The update brings PvP and Battlegrounds improvements, which include a lobby system, new maps, new battlegrounds, and rule modifications. Which of these improvements do you feel is most vital to the PvP scene?

A: Well, probably the rule modifications. Unfortunately, those aren't very sexy to advertise. From a "what's the most sexy" perspective, then the easy answer is the new battleground and game type. But the balance and the fundamental changes we made make the PvP experience better all-around, which will hopefully revitalize PvP a bit as players have more fun.

EverQuest II - Children of War

Q: Could you tell us a bit about the new maps and battlegrounds?

A: The new map is in Velious. It's specifically created for the new "Vanquish" game type and is somewhat stunning to behold. (I dig the ground fog effect.)

"Vanquish" requires teams to both protect NPCs as they attack towers and gate fortifications, but to simultaneously strive to vanquish the other team's NPCs and attack their own fortifications. It's very fun, and the more coordinated your teams are, the more fun it becomes (like with most PvP games).



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