Who's More Girly, Blade & Soul's Lyn or TERA's Elin?

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Players got to better know the Lyn through Blade & Soul's first CBT, but many still found it hard to distinguish the Lyn from TERA's Elin simply resting on the appearance. However, those careful said that they didn't have such trouble at all.

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First, Blade & Soul's Lyn features an oriental art style, while TERA's Elin features a western one. The former will come up with male characters in the future, while the latter has been confirmed to consist of females only.

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In addition, Blade & Soul's unique appearance system gives players high freedom to customize their characters, while TERA's Elin is set with a sole look.

Two different games, two different feels they offer! Though sharing something in common in the aspect of characters' looks, the two games still inject new life into the character design that has appeared dull in Korean games.

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