I am so Mad with EVE!!!! RANT!!!!!

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Hey guys, I have to be brutally honest here, I need to ventilate or steam out a bunch of my frustrations because I am so P***** off!!! If you are wondering what the hell I am talking about or why I am so upset, then let me tell you why... IT IS BECAUSE OF EVE!!!!

EVE online

Why I am so mad against my so called favorite mmo??? Well, let me tell you something, I don't know if EVE is my favorite mmo anymore there is some big ass problem pulling my leg in EVE Online that I cannot fix, no one call, to be honest the solutions I am getting are full of douche-baggery... That makes me so sick...

I started playing EVE in September of 2010 and for a time it was good and cool, I was getting to know the game and everything, screwing a few things up but in the end everything was fun and entertaining, unfortunately I am feeling that the game develops a very oppressive environment in some aspects...

First, my character have 11,820,109 Skill Points, I have 3 battleships, a bigload of battle cruisers, an alt character that can use a Hulk and mine asteroids like no tomorrow and "1,508,239,286.19 Isk" in my wallet, not to mention all the resources and items I have all over the place...

EVE online

The reason of my madness against eve is because even with all those things, I cannot get something fun to do anymore...

Right now all I can do is mine in high sec alone, or do Level 4 missions in high sec alone... If I go to low sec then the game is about a bunch of psychos who only want to kill each other, they see other player and they simply start shooting...

Null sec is another thing that drives me mad, if you go there, they will shot you because you are not one of them, and if you ask them to join them, then you get a bunch of excuses of why they don't want you or don't need you... Its BULLCRAP!!!!!



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