MGAME CEO: Yulgang Online 2 to Kick off OBT Within 2011

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The CEO of MGAME, the Korean developer of Yulgang Online, has recently announced that Yulgang Online 2 will definitely start its open beta test within this year in an interview. He also indicated that Yulgang Online 2 would surpass its predecessor--Yulgang Online.

Of cause, as another Korea-based martial arts-themed MMO coming out this year, Yulgang Online 2 will inevitably encounter the comparison and competition with Blade & Soul. However, the CEO seems quite optimistic concerning this problem. He said, in his words "Compared with a lonely restaurant, I think a snack street is more attractive to consumers. Although there are not many new arrivals themed on martial arts in Korean market this year, I believe Yulgang Online 2 and Blade & Soul are going to change this situation a lot. We hope we can draw players back to the martial world, so in this point, Blade & Soul is no doubt a good but also a tough rival. We will make some adjustments on service time and marketing to avoid overlap with Blade & Soul."

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