Saint Seiya Online Authorized To Perfect World

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Sega, a Japan arcade giant, officially announced their Saint Seiya Online, which is based on a classical Japanese animation, has been authorized to Perfect World in China. It means that Sega and Perfect World will popularize the game in China together.

Saint Seiya Japanese Animation

After Sega got the copyright of Saint Seiya in 2007, there once were tons of rumors that Sega want to design Saint Seiya as a MMORPG. The rumor has finally been confirmed by Sega. What's more, the game may launch its CBT within this year and its fee mode will be item mall.

Saint Seiya Action Game

As one of the most popular Japanese animations in 1980s', Saint Seiya has won countless fans in worldwide. The news will absolutely draw Seiya fans' attention in China.

Saint Seiya Japanese Animation

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