3 Korea-made Blockbusters to Ignite an Intense Fight Soon

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TERA can be expected to remain hot in the South Korean game market throughout this year. This is just why Blade & Soul and Diablo 3, which both strive to conduct OBTs this year, and ArcheAge choose to enter the market almost at the same time. In the second half of 2011, three blockbusters are very likely to shake the South Korean game market, which indeed deserves paying attention to.


As an insider said on May 16, NCsoft's Blade & Soul, XL Games' ArcheAge and Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo 3 are being worked hard on with the goal of performing OBTs or entering the market officially in the second half of 2011.

A fierce fight among Blade & Soul, ArcheAge and Diablo 3 will break out in the game market in South Korea, and a situation of three main forces will be created then. Though the delay in ArcheAge's OBT draws much attention from the public, the intense fight among blockbusters to start in the second half of this year is more concerned about by game experts.


Blade & Soul Spoken Highly of

The first CBT of NCsoft's Blade & Soul which ended on May 1 was unprecedentedly bustling, and was widely acknowledged by players. The test well interpreted Blade & Soul's charm as a blockbuster, and helped the game show its high-quality graphics and fine martial arts atmosphere appropriately. In particular, most of the game's fist CB testers were very satisfied with the flying skills demonstrated in the sky and on the water surface, and were even immersed in the cinematic game stories.

Blade & Soul

Additionally, the actions like breaking characters' limbs in Blade & Soul are much different from those in other games. Players are able to experience stimulating and vivid actions that are unreachable in other existing MMOs. Blade & Soul's new round of CBT is set to be conducted no later than Q3, 2011. Hope the game can also make good achievements in the overseas markets which are fond of action games!

Blade & Soul



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