Project R1 Claimed to Be a Real Sequel to Ragnarok Online

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NHN, one of the biggest game companies in South Korea, made public six new online games in one go at Hangame EX 2011 which was grandly held on May 13. Project R1, the first to be unveiled, is a brand-new game by IMC Games which was founded by the "Father of Ragnarok Online"-Kim Hak Kyu. Thanks to Ragnarok Online's outstanding achievements worldwide, Project R1 is deemed as an orthodox sequel to Ragnarok Online like Ragnarok Online 2 by lots of game workers.

Which one do you anticipate more, Ragnarok Online 2 or Project R1?

Project R1

According to Kim Hak Kyu, Project R1 is a 2D+3D cute-styled MMORPG that features an immersive storyline. They announced this new project eight years after Granado Espada. During the eight years spent in running Granado Espada, they came up with many plans but also cancelled several. They wish Project R1to be a pleasing online game for players.

Project R1

Kim detailed the character design process in five stages on the spot. As he said, players set very high requirements for game graphics nowadays, e.g. they require not only colorful clothes but also diversified actions. Therefore, their developers turn 2D characters into 3D ones and then endow them with 2D characteristics when developing Project R1, and they can be said fairly dedicated to character design.

Project R1



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