Sony PlayStation Networks Finally Coming Back Online!

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After three weeks, Sony finally announces the PlayStation 3's online service is being restored; Sony Online Entertainment also coming back.

For fans of Sony Online Entertainment's dormant MMORPGs, after 25 days of outage, you're now able to game online. All the company's online games, forums, and related websites have officially begun service restoration. Games such as DC Universe Online, EverQuest and Free Realms should now be playable again.

Sony networks online

The PlayStation Store, however, is still inaccessible. Virtual world PlayStation Home is up and running, though.

The company gave a press release with the details as well as a video statement from Sony executive Kazuo Hirai. SOE provided details on its Welcome Back promotion, and this release provides links to a handy chart covering promotions for all of the company's games.

Sony networks online

Sony boss Kazuo Hirai noted in the video statement that advanced security technology, increased levels of decryption, additional firewalls, and an early warning detection system have all been put into place to avoid a situation like this again in the future.



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