Dragon Nest(KR) Level 50 Contents - Archbishop Nest and Ghoul Mode

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Dragon Nest has begun to update level 50 contents in Korea. The first wave of new contents that came to Korean server is a special update called Big Bang(a South Korean band) which brought in Archbishop Nest and zombie mode.

Dragon Nest Big Bang - Archbishop Nest Trailer

Dragon Nest

You need a special item and complete the Arch Bishop Nest entrance quest to enter this level 50 dungeon. The final boss fight, shown at the image above, includes 2 phases. It attacks with normal skills in phase 1 and in phase 2 it will absorb the energy from the rocks around to make special attacks. The boss has weak point though, and it's the best time to attack when it exposes the vulnerability.

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest
The weak point of the boss

Dragon Nest - ArchBishop Nest Gameplay



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