Blade & Soul: the Popularization of Combat Knowledge

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The highly-anticipated Blade & Soul kicked off its first CBT on April 27th finally. Since this oriental martial-arts MMORPG has attracted much attention and expectation, I'd like to share some combat knowledge about Blade & Soul in order to help players who are experiencing this Korean game.

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An AOE skill in Blade & Soul

Game Controls

The same as the traditional MMOs, Blade & Soul employs the WSAD keys to move around, the R, C, F, Tab keys to attack, defend and target, and the arrow keys to adjust the direction.

The R key is for common attacks, the Tab and F key are for special attacks, and the numeric keys 1-4 are designed for not frequently-used skills. When your level goes up, click the Z, X and C keys to search skills, which can be learnt automatically by means of completing quests and leveling up.

The skill shortcut keys shown on the screen in the process of combat

Press the R key to launch a common attack and press it twice or more times to attack twice in succession. Force Masters will be different due to their class characteristics and they will cast triple attacks by double hit the R key.

The Meaning of Targeting Attack

The targeting attack system allows player to automatically target the frontal enemies within a certain range, control and attack the enemies in a default area.

The damage caused by characters will be different according to the distance between characters and their enemies. Once the enemies are kicked out of the default area, they won't be locked on automatically. Therefore, players must have good control over their striking power, sense of direction and distance.

The circle on the ground shows the attack range after a target is fixed. The target will be free from being tracked after out of the circle.

It is recommended that players should read the beginner guide and game intro carefully, and practice more complying with game controls. After all, Blade & Soul is different from general MMOs in terms of basic controls. Anyway, it is not bad to read more.



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