Blade & Soul Won't Surpass Aion in Sales Next Year?

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As forecasted by an analyst from a famous South Korean securities exchange, NCsoft's new title Blade & Soul will reach sales of 144.5 billion won next year (20.6% of the company's total sales in the field of online games), but will still be unable to defeat Aion with regard to its contributions to NCsoft.

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The analyst Mr. Lee said that from the perspective of the first CBT, Blade & Soul whose systems had undergone comprehensive innovation achieved great success in contrast with TERA, and should make more contributions to NCsoft than TERA but fewer than Aion.

As Lee said, compared to Aion which's open to those aged above 15, the adults-only game Blade & Soul (rated 18+) will attract much fewer players and thus take an obviously disadvantageous position in terms of sales. According to statistics, Aion's major users - those aged between 15 and 18 will continue playing Aion for sure, and won't play Blade & Soul as they're not old enough.

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Moreover, Aion's earnings from the users aged between 15 and 18 are basically equal to those from the adults. So, even if a certain number of adults switch from Aion to Blade & Soul, Aion's sales will be influenced very slightly.

Though Blade & Soul's systems, storyline and actions etc. were widely acknowledged during its first CBT from April 27 to May 1, the game is still very hard for those new to MMORPGs. Therefore, newbies of MMORPGs may choose Aion that ranks first.

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Aion, which was claimed to be "the easiest game that all can play" in its early days of OBT in November, 2008, hit 200,000 simultaneous online players three days after its OBT launch, most of whom came from WoW.

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