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After Blade & Soul's first CBT day, many players got curious about its PvP system, which is novel to the extent of allowing only those wearing doboks to fight. Today, let's make a study of the system that is subject to players' garments!

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Blade & Soul's PvP system is based on players' doboks, that is, players can duel with the opponents who wear corresponding doboks directly and freely, and no one can fight against those who don't wear any doboks. Only two types of doboks are available in the game currently, namely, "Loyalty" and "Self-warning".

In the game, the players who don't wear doboks or wear the same type of doboks will be attached with white nicknames overhead. If running into someone with a red nickname overhead, just take care since he/she is from an opposing faction and may attack you at any time.

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The nickname's color varies with players' doboks

Players can attack those attached with red names directly no matter in the wild or in the safety village. Lots of players wearing doboks from different factions are now fighting each other fiercely in the safety village.

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PK Scenes

Players can obtain both "Loyalty" and "Self-warning" doboks through doing related factional quests.



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