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Hi again everyone. It is your Casual Gamer returning with an interview with Riot Games developers. I am a huge Riot fan and you can fing me on League of Legends more often than any other game I play. But not to preamble too much, here is the interview!

First off, for the record, please state your names (real or in game) and specific areas of expertise.

I'm Steve Mescon or Pendragon, Director of Community Relations for Riot Games. I've always been passionate about building online communities. For a while I worked as an online community manager at Zappos, but I've always been a gamer - I cofounded with Steve "Guinsoo" Feak. We were able to build up DotA Allstars from a small tight-knit community into a very popular game.

You have been releasing a lot of new heroes and introducing new game mechanics since the game was originally released. Which of the heroes are your favorites?

Right now I've been playing a lot of Ryze, and I always find myself coming back to Master Yi. But I try to play every new champion we release a bit - out of our recent champions, I'm a huge fan of Nocturne. How can you not love a giant evil wraith with blades for arms?

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Which heroes have given you the most problems with balancing issues?

We are constantly tweaking our entire lineup to ensure as balanced and fun an experience as possible. During our daily company playtests, besides fine-tuning the upcoming champion, we are regularly putting as many as 20 to 30 champions under the magnifying glasses for minor (and sometimes major) tweaks to improve balance.

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I have heard a few people complain on the forums and in chat that more maps and modes would be more interesting. Are there any plans to introduce any of these in the near future, like using the Tutorial map for ARAM (all random all mid) and ADAM (all draft all mid) style games?

We are working on some exciting stuff that we aren't quite ready to talk about yet. In addition to Magma Chamber (the 5v5 map we announced last year and continue to develop), we're also working on some stuff that we think is going to surprise and energize our community and expand the League of Legends experience. We can't wait to talk about it!

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