Blade & Soul's Customization Feature in 1st CBT[Videos & Pics]

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Blade & Soul from NCsoft kicked off its first CBT on April 27, and aroused lots of players' attention and curiosity. The CBT was indeed responded to enthusiastically on its first day.

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In the first CBT, with the help of the in-game customization feature, once players choose a face, the corresponding figure and skin color will be defined by default.

Players are temporarily not allowed to customize certain details, but as the game is just at the first CBT stage, further adjustments will definitely be made and more freedom will be given in the coming days.

Thus, to tickle the curiosity of those concerned about Blade & Soul's customization feature, we've prepared a series of videos & pics regarding character creation based on different races in the game.

Don't be upset if you failed to join the first CBT! Just enjoy the content provided here, and think what your character in Blade & Soul will look like!

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Male Character Creation Video

Female Character Creation Video

Male Characters' Looks

Female Characters' Looks



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