Blade & Soul(KR) to Kick off CBT Today[Video]

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Korea-based NCsoft's most anticipated title Blade & Soul kicked off its first CBT officially today. After the list of its first CB testers was announced, the game's first CBT keys were sold online at the maximum price of 100,000 Korean Won each, which did arouse the game industry's attention. What on earth makes the game such a hit? Let's try to get the answer!

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NCsoft held a first CBT key application event for Blade & Soul between April 15 and April 19, and announced the application results on April 22. After that, the company announced that Blade & Soul's first CBT would last from April 27 to May 1 and focus on testing server stability and basic game content.

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1,000 testers are usually invited to join an online game's first CBT in South Korea. Different from this, NCsoft recruited much fewer testers for Blade & Soul's first CBT, which aroused players' curiosity successfully. That's also the reason for the expensiveness of the CBT keys.

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