MapleStory(EU): Dual Blade Is Doubling the Fun!

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What's better than playing a sneaky ninja wielding a deadly blade in an online game? As a matter of fact: it's playing a fearsome ninja wielding two deadly blades bashing through hordes of monsters! For players of NEXON's premier Fantasy MMO, MapleStory, this one has finally come true: Dual Blade is the next Job Class added to the already impressive selection of playable heroes. Furthermore, NEXON Europe reveals a vast amount of new related content and events that are available right away.

Dual Blade

Master of the Blades

Spreading out from "Secret Garden" – headquarter to the mysterious organization of the Dual Blades – agents of great power and skill are seeking the Dark Lord's whereabouts in all Maple World to finally follow their masters' order to take revenge. These agents are now available for players to conquer their beloved realm! Dual Blade, the brand new adventurer class in MapleStory, is a very versatile and mobile character that comes with a lot of devastating Special Moves enabling players to deal out significant melee damage to huge mobs and single targets alike. As one of the most feared assassins of Maple World, Dual Blades are famous for rushing in, drawing their blades and sweeping whatever remains from their foes.

Dual Blade

Dual Blade



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