Mysteries of Anticipated Blockbusters of 2011 to Be Unveiled!

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April is a fascinating month when everything regains its vivacious look. For South Korea's online game industry, April is the most important month this year, as the three Korea-made anticipated blockbusters - Blade & Soul, ArcheAge and TERA will meet players in an all-round manner late this month and the mysterious veil of Kingdom Under Fire 2 from NHN will also be raised. It can be said that the chilly winter of the South Korean MMORPG market will pass away soon.

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Blade & Soul, the Most Anticipated MMORPG, to Launch 1st CBT

Blade & Soul, which made a stir at last year's G-Star, is going to meet players at the end of this month. According to understanding, the game's first CBT will last from April 27 to May 1 and will mainly focus on the Lvl 1-20 leveling content, the guild system and graphics. Moreover, the reflection technology that NCsoft is proud of will also be embodied in the game.

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After the first CBT schedule was announced, Blade & Soul became the most frequently searched game on various search sites within a short time, and prior to the first CBT, NCsoft also launched a teaser site to inform players of the game background, in-game races & classes and so on.

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ArcheAge to Kick off 3rd CBT

After ArcheAge's 3rd CBT oriented content was made public, most players believed the game would provide more impressive gaming experiences. With the integration of sea battles and the real-time weather system etc., ArcheAge is going to present players with more abundant content and better-quality graphics.




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