Dragon Nest NA Closed Beta Sign Up Starts

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I don't know if you notice, but there is a little difference on Dragon Nest NA's website today - the Closed Beta sign-up entry is placed on the homepage. It's about the time! Sign up for Dragon Nest NA CBT now, though only a small group of people will be invited.

Dragon Nest

Nexon US teased on its official facebook page early this week that "big news coming out this week." And it seems that the beginning of CB sign-up is the "big news". Nexon US has posted 2 articles to talk about the Dragon Nest's localization, which they've been busy with for a long time and now they are ready to ask players to help for the testing.

Dragon Nest

Thanks JohnSanctity who found this news and according to him, the closed beta will start in May. What do you think? Discuss with others on our Dragon Nest forum.

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