Castanic is the Most Popular Race in Tera

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On Tera's official blog, an data analysis report has been updated which shows that Castanic is the most popular race in Tera. It also reveals many other informations about how people play TERA (NA Version), and in this analysis, Elin hasn't been included.

The popularity rank of races:

Castanic > High Elf > Human > Aman > Popori > Baraka

Full SizeTera - Castanic
Tera - Castanic - Wallpaper

For each race, the most popular class is as below:

Aman: Lancer
Baraka: Priest
Castanic: Warrior
High Elf: Sorcerer
Human: Archer
Popori: Berserker

Full SizeTera - Castanic
Tera Armor Renders (Korean Stress Test Version) - Castanic

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Below is the detailed analysis. (Source:

Character Races and Classes

This graph represents the breakdown of races and classes for all characters that participated in the Community Play Event (CPE). The most popular race and class combination was the castanic warrior, which accounted for 5.7% of the total population, while the least popular was the baraka slayer, with only .3%. Overall, the most popular races were the castanic (30%), the high elf (21%), and the humans (17%). These are the most human-like races available to players, which may hint to the fact that players tend to pick races they find more attractive to look at. Since the baraka race does not have a female version, this may explain why the race is the least popular of all (7%).

Castanic is the Most Popular Race in Tera

If we combine the classes into roles, we get the pie chart below, which would seem to indicate that healer classes are lacking within the population. This isn't too surprising given the brief duration of the Community Play Event; since participants could only play for three days, most folks likely chose characters better suited to exploration. This may also reflect what players view as the traditional MMO healer roles. In TERA, however, the action combat system makes playing a healing class a much different proposition. We highly encourage players to give healers a shot in the next event—the experience may pleasantly surprise you!

Consider the makeup of a balanced party, which consists of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 damage dealers. This is equivalent to 20% tanks, 20% healers, and 60% damage dealers, which is a good mix of characters to ensure no shortage of tanks and healers—a common problem in other games. Since TERA offers a unique take on the healer role, I wouldn't be surprised to see more healers and less DPS in future events.

Castanic is the Most Popular Race in Tera



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