Korean Media: MMORPGs Overpower Casual Games

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NHN's TERA can be said to lead the tide of Korean MMORPGs, and 2011 is doomed to be a year when MMORPGs will make an irresistible stir, as South Korean media said.

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Few excellent Korean MMORPGs have been pushed out since Aion launched its commercial service in November, 2009, and it's casual games and FPS games that have always held the leading position in the market.

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Things began to change early this year. For example, after the OBT in January, TERA overpowered Aion that had kept the leading position for about 2 years, and boosted up Aion's popularity as well; Ndoors' imported MMORPG Battle of the Immortals, which was released last December, even hit 70,000 simultaneous online players outstandingly.

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