Martial Arts, the Key to MMOs' Success in 2011!

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What's the key to online games' success in 2011? The answer should be "martial arts"! In the early days of online game development, the perfect combination of martial arts and fantasy was always South Korean game developers' pursuit. The approach of the storm of online martial arts games just restrains us from ignoring the fact that the key to online games' success this year is none other than "martial arts".

Blade & Soul

Particularly, some traditional martial arts games based on the hot novel History of the Three Kingdoms are favored by those young and middle-aged. So, which online martial arts games on earth have come into our sight this year? Let's check them out one by one!

>>Blade & Soul

NCsoft's anticipated online game Blade & Soul, which will launch its CBT in the first half of this year, should surely be the first to be mentioned, since the entire online game industry is paying attention to it.

Blade & Soul

After the debut in 2008, Blade & Soul was crowned as a new classical game by South Korean players. Though the game didn't show itself in front of players for a long time after that, the info it made public before and after G-Star 2010 indeed tickled players' curiosity. It's learnt that the game will perform its OBT at the end of this year.

With the help of NCsoft's popular game producer Kim Hyung Tae and based on the brand-new engine Unreal Engine 3, Blade & Soul fascinates players with the use of different kinds of elements. Additionally, with no restrictions on classes' usable weapons and in the company of in-game races' special looks and much other content, the game strives to maximize the gaming fun. The introduction of systems like the flying system even boosts up the game's martial arts style.

Blade & Soul



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