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When it comes to sidescrolling MMORPGs, we often think of the earliest renditions such as Maple Story. A few years ago, KOG came into the gaming scene with a different kind of sidescroller: Grand Chase. This button-mashing MMORPG gained both fans and detractors due to the nature of the game. The choice of characters were limited, the graphics didn't stand out, and gameplay was too repetitive. But it persevered and has now reached "Season Four," if I recall right. KOG musters up all their strength to follow up their sleeper hit, Grand Chase, with a new game: Elsword. And yes, the two games look pretty much similar to each other.

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Chasing Grand Chase?

Let's get one thing straight: Elsword is NOT Grand Chase. Granted, KOG made it look and feel like Grand Chase, but the two games are different in terms of story and looks. The two games are connected though, since Elsword, the red-haired protagonist of the game, is related to Elesis from Grand Chase. The red outfit, red hair and huge red sword are already dead giveaways to this. Just like Grand Chase, new players are given the option of choosing 3 characters only: Elsword, Aisha and Rena. These three are also similar to the first three characters of Grand Chase: Elesis, Lire and Arme respectively. Other characters are traditionally unlockable too. The typical character selection on the fly, like in Grand Chase, isn't visible though. Would it help that most of the characters are aged 13 to 15?

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Just like Grand Chase, there are quests unlocked as the character progresses in levels. However, these quests aren't handed down like a silver platter anymore. Most of the quests require talking to an NPC already, apart from the monster-hunting and item-looting tasks. There's no shortage of quests, so don't worry. Just as its predecessor, though, revisiting dungeons will be a required habit of sorts in this game. Rewards are equally fair. Grinding doesn't offer much satisfaction due to the low EXP from individual monsters. Like Grand Chase, it would still be best to complete quests and submit everything on the quest log in one go. There are quests overlappping each other in an objective, which actually saves precious game time when the need arises. And yes, that pretty much sums up the best part of the game.

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