Rumor? Blade & Soul to Kick off First Closed Beta on April 27th

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According to a post on, the first closed beta test for Blade & Soul could potentially start as early as April 27th. Can it come true? As a fan of Blade & Soul, I hope it will be a confirmed date, which means my long waiting will end and next step I need to upgrade my PC. However, referring to the original Korean article, it seems that there is not any conjecture about the closed beta schedule. Let's just wait and see the exact schedule of Blade & Soul's first CBT.

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Hey everyone!

Well, we have some pretty exciting news. Blade & Soul's closed beta could literally be at our doorstep. Earlier today word started to spread that the highly anticipated MMORPG's closed beta might be starting this month. It's guaranteed not to start any earlier than the 18th of April, but we could potentially see Blade & Soul's closed beta as early as the 27th of April!

NCSoft has already confirmed that the closed beta will undergo a selection process, and there has been no mention of any plans for an open beta yet. Now remember, this is still somewhat speculative. It's a little more reliable than some random person on the internet screaming that the beta is coming out, but not too much more. There has been nothing official yet from NCSoft and as far as the beta actually being launched on the 27th...well, we'll just have to wait and see.

As the old saying goes, it will be here when it gets here. Let's just hope its sooner rather than later!

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

Full SizeBlade & Soul screenshot

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