Joymax Celebrates Rise of the Thief Hunter Expansion for SRO With New Events

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Joymax, a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, announced that to accompany today's launch for the expansion of Legend VII: Rise of the Thief-Hunter for Silkroad Online, the company now boasts 24-hour in-game GM support. To bolster their communication with players further, a new multi-lingual customer support reinforcement campaign has been developed to help emphasize its commitment to customer service for its millions of players.

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Joymax wants to ensure that it is providing world-class service by delivering efficient and accurate solutions through its multicultural customer support that satisfy the concerns brought forward from the international community.

To assure players that Joymax is continuously seeking areas to improve in, the company is hosting an event beginning March 15th and running through April 12th. Silkroad players past and present are encouraged to offer their input and suggestions on what they would like to see from GMs so Joymax can identify key solutions not yet addressed and provide the best quality customer service possible; players with the best suggestions will receive a bevy of gifts for their time. The first place winner will receive an 11D Seal of Nova Weapon, second place prize will be a 10D Seal of Sun Weapon which three players will receive; five additional players will receive a 10D Seal of Moon Weapon.

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