Earth Online: An Internationally Shocking MMO!

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Players have always been in pursuit of an extremely distinctive online game with vivid & stimulating gameplay content and without bots, but fail to recognize that the marvelous nature has prepared a really perfect online game for us, that is, Earth Online, an MMO which has attracted more than 6 billion simultaneous online players worldwide and is set in a borderless world with a borderless sky, a free gaming mode, a highly mature AI system, delicate graphics, easy & free controls, as well as endless quests.

Earth Online

About Earth Online

As the greatest MMORPG in the world, Earth Online was conceived over 10 billion years ago. The game server was made open more than 3 billion years ago, and is being updated without stop. The first batch of Earth Online players just showed up about 4.5 million years ago. The game, which's set in the 3D background, features lifelike characters and gorgeous graphics, and its greatest highlights lie in: 1) standing on the same server with the same time, all players can achieve a sense of presence and are liable to get hungry; 2) the in-game economy can't afford to be forecasted or controlled artificially, and players themselves are responsible for improving the game and maintaining the server. Co-developed by groups from different countries around the world, including the Gaea Group from Greece, the Pan Gu Group from China, the Jehovah Group from the Middle East and the Titan Group from Northern Europe, Earth Online takes the most advanced optimization measures, and requires those wishing to adventure around the gaming world to do nothing but be invited by two old players of different sexes.

Earth Online

Key Features

  • Earth Online is the greatest MMORPG in the world, and has set a record of 6.5 billion simultaneous online players, nearly 1.4 billion (the largest part) of whom are from China
  • Every day, there're old players whose accounts are deleted due to too high levels, and there're also new ones jumping into the gaming world.
  • There're no instances, and all places are on the same world map.
  • Each important quest corresponds to only one monster, which cannot respawn once the quest is completed. Moreover, items involved in the quest will drop once only, and won't drop again once the quest is completed.
  • No restrictions on the number of team members, so thousands of players can fight each other at the same time! However, violent PKs are forbidden in most areas.
  • No magical power or teleportation, and life and travel are very hard!
  • The item drop rate is rather low. Only a very few players can get items for free luckily, and most players must earn money to buy them.
  • No need of registration, and players can play the game once born!

Earth Online



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