Dark and Light isn't Dead, New Gameplay Details Revealed by Snail Game

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Dark and Light, the huge MMO project which has gone offline in 2008 is now being developed by Chinese developer Snail Game. Recently, the developer of Age of Wulin revealed some content of the game to us!

Dark and Light is an online game focusing on both free interaction and dazzling visual effects. As Snail Game's CEO Shi Hai once said, if we say Age of Wulin is a highly free virtual community, Dark and Light will be a "real" virtual world.

Gaming World Settings

The Dark and Light world covers an area of more than 40,000 square kilometers(15,000 square miles), 40+ times as large as that of WoW. Dark and Light offers a variety of races including Human, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Dragon and so on for players to choose, and depicts the conflicts between the two opposing factions – Order and Disorder.

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Diversified Character Advancement Modes

There are two types of classes in the game, i.e. combat classes and life classes. A unique character advancement route will be designed for you when you create your character. In the beginning, you can experience the special roles and gaming modes of the various combat & life classes, and after familiarizing yourself with the gaming world progressively, you'll be allowed to determine your desired classes. Therefore, if you find yourself managing to throw a magical fire ball to the enemy in front while wielding a long sword one day, you shouldn't be surprised, since such a situation is totally reachable in Dark and Light, as long as you know well how to balance your character's two different classes.

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