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Yuto C9 Big Update
By Yuto Ishiara
There is nothing better than pursue your dreams, I describe myself has a very passionated MMORPG lover... If someone feel what i feel, if someone see what i see... Then, While you are playing, you are dreaming.

C9 is getting better than ever!!

First of anything lets know the basic of C9, for those guys who dont know what is C9..

C9 is a Hangame Hardcored Action game, with stunning graphics, an increible gameplay and a totally new experience for those who never played a fast mmorpg before.

Now, lets talk about the update.

The C9 5th Content will bring new weapons, new intresting systems and a new lvl cap.

The new Weapons:

Full SizeC9 screenshot

Apparently those weapon will have another form depending the elements that where in it... For example those 2 bows...

Full SizeC9 screenshot

C9 screenshot



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By Yuto Ishiara
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