Dungeon Keeper MMO Debut Trailer Released

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It seems that all Chinese MMOs are martial arts games and something new is urgently needed. Chinese developer NetDragon teams up with EA to present you the authentic western MMORPG Dungeon Keeper Online. Is the name familiar to you? The game is based on the famous PC strategy title Dungeon Keeper, created by Bullfrog. Recently, the Chinese developer released the debut trailer for Dungeon Keeper Online. Currently, the game is planned to release for Asian market only.

Dungeon Keeper MMO - Debut Trailer

In Dungeon Keeper Online, you have to fight and loot the resources in the open world to build and your underground kingdom. Develop your own army and upgrade the underground creatures, you'll need them to become the lord of dungeon. Dungeon Keeper Online tries to reflect the style of humorous evil in the original Dungeon Keeper game, faithfully. You'll play as a tyrant and you'll spread the violence and darkness to the world.

Dungeon Keeper MMO

Dungeon Keeper MMO

Dungeon Keeper MMO



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