[Exclusive] Jade Dynasty Spring Content Update Interview

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Michael Fuchs [Exclusive] Jade Dynasty Spring Content Update Interview
By Michael Fuchs
Michael Fuchs has been playing MMOs for over 8 years. He has a strong passion for the competitive side of video games. Besides video games, his passions include reading, writing, and roleplaying. He currently attends the University of Wisconsin - Waukesha for a degree in Communications.

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): Hello, my name is Michael Fuchs, and I am a Columnist with MMOSite. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your position with Perfect World Entertainment?

Dean Sakurai (PWE): Hi, my name is Dean Sakurai and I'm the Product Manager for Jade Dynasty.

Jade Dynasty

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): I know that Jade Dynasty has been out for a while, but would you please quickly describe the game for a player that has never played it before?

Dean Sakurai (PWE): Jade Dynasty is based off of the popular Asian novel, Zhu Xian, and is a martial-arts, fantasty inspired MMORPG. The background story is that humans have long searched for the elixir of immortality, but this resulted in upsetting the natural state of the universe. Faced with the prospect of the universe being thrown into utter chaos, the immortal Athan race has sent down their warriors to restore the balance and ultimately wipe out the human race. Players will need to choose a side between fighting for human existence or restoring balance to the universe.

Jade Dynasty

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): The Spring Update brings New Vitalic quests, for Ascended players level 120 and above to unlock the Chroma skill system. Could you please tell us a bit about what these quests offer and a bit about the Chroma skill system?

Dean Sakurai (PWE): As players complete several Vitalic quests, they will be faced with taking down monster bosses in order to proceed. Once completed, the Chroma skill system as well as the Vigor resource that Chroma skills use will be unlocked to players. The Chroma skill system itself opens up an entirely new set of advanced skills that will give players a deeper set of customization options that will push their abilities to the limits.

Jade Dynasty



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