CrossFire to Surpass WoW and Become the most Profitable MMO?

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From Blizzard Entertainment's 2010 financial statement released early last month, we can see that the company achieved sales of USD 4,447 million, 1,427 million (30%) of which were contributed by WoW. South Korean media have recently pointed out that sales should not be the only measure of a game's marketing status, and that the profit and cost should be reckoned with too. They claimed that the Korea-made FPS Cross Fire (CF) would be a threat to WoW which's regarded as the world's No. 1 MMO.

Cross Fire

As a famous economic magazine in South Korea said, the FPS CF, developed by Smile Gate and published by Neowiz, is enjoying extremely wide popularity in China, Vietnam and Indonesia, and even brought Smile Gate sales of over 80 billion Korean Won in 2010. Moreover, CF's Chinese publisher Tencent Games announced this January that the game set a record of 2,300,000 simultaneous online players in Mainland China.

Cross Fire

The said magazine also claimed that Neowiz's global copyright royalties and Tencent Games' sales added up to CF's sales of more than USD 880 million. This in a sense proves the game's incredibly high popularity in Asia. Furthermore, Neowiz once expressed that CF had been downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide, next only to WoW.

As CF will show up in the international e-sports event WCG 2011, its global popularity has risen to a much higher level in a flash, and Neowiz has increased the overseas copyright royalties too. On the condition that the above data are true, the yearly sales of Smile Gate, Neowiz and Tencent will total up to USD 1.2 billion, which's really an amazing figure. Considering WoW's super large-scale updates and high operational & maintenance fees, CF's net profit is going to surpass that of WoW easily soon, according to South Korean media.



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