WEBZEN 2011 Line-up with Various Brand-New Titles

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WEBZEN Inc. (WWW.WEBZEN.COM) announced 2011 brand-new titles and update line- up.WEBZEN said Archlord X : The Chronicles will be serviced in 2011. Archlord X : The Chronicles is a brand new MMORPG based on the world of 100 years after Archlord.

The main Scenario of Archlord X : The Chronicles is based on Race- Battle between Human and Orc.

Archlord X : The Chronicles is scheduled to be officially serviced through Closed Beta Test (CBT) in South Korea in the first half of 2011.

MU Season 6 Update Illustration
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Moreover, WEBZEN will reveal brand-new titles such as MU Expansion, MU2 and Project A. They might be revealed at G-star as early as this year.

MU2 is currently being developed as MMORPG based on Unreal engine 3 with easy user interface (UI), spectacular graphic and solid contents. New contents and system will be based on scenario of the era prior to that of MU Online.

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