Gun Smoke Fills the Air over the Korean Game Market in Q2

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Korean game companies have noticeably accelerated their pace of game operation in Q2, 2011. As most of them focused on self-rectification in Q1, they will take the offensive officially in Q2, 2011. In addition to large game companies like NCsoft, Choi Rock Games, Neowiz, Actoz Soft and Mgame, medium-sized companies are also busy with their deployment. All of them indeed gear up to greet the upcoming summer vacation.


NHN occupied almost the whole game market by TERA in Q1, and it is NCsoft's turn in Q2. NCsoft is expected to make an enormous stir in April, May and June, thanks to its eye-catching new titles and the largest update of an old game.

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

Doubtlessly, Blade & Soul is the brightest one among all NCsoft's games and will kick off its 1st CBT in Q2, 2011. It attracted a legion of players to have a try at G-star 2010 in Busan, South Korea at the end of last year, which proved that many players were looking forward to this game. Moreover, this game has even gained much attention from overseas players, since it has ranked the top five on the most-anticipated game list for a long time in both Japan and Europe.

Blade & Soul

Lineage II

NCsoft is going to release the largest-ever update for Lineage II. This update will completely distinguish the existing Lineage II from other games by means of changing its graphics, storyline and classes. NCsoft may march into the game market with the two games in May or June.

Lineage II

NCsoft's cooperative strategies will also be implemented in Q2. Its new cooperator iHQ announced the partnership with JYP Entertainment early, and the cooperation with Wonder Girls and Miss A will be put on the agenda soon.



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