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Since Korean A.V.A Launched this game, many people were asking when it will come to U.S.A. A.V.A is not a recently MMOFPS, but it has cool graphics and a Call of Duty style...

There are many modes to play such as Cross steal (Catch the flag), Escort (in a escort mission you must protect your base from the enemy tank while the oponnent team must repair and escort the tank to attack your base), Anihilation (This mode is not complicated, it's just about kill the enemy) Fox Hunting (It's a deathmatch mode) and Demolition (You must defuse the C4 before it explodes, and on the other hand, the oponnent team must arm the C4 before the countdown is over)


The Classes:

While in the game you can choose from 1 of the 3 classes, and you can switch from them any time you want. (1 time per death) and you cant change them when you are still alive.

Sniper - Snipers must support the team, and they are pretty usefull on escort missions and the rifles practically kills you with 1 shot, except for the semi-automatic ones. basically a sniper atacks from far distance...

Rifleman - They are one of the most frequent used classes, and they are balanced between Close, Middle and long range. A rifleman is essential in a team.

Pointman - They are an offensive class which only kill the objective, and they basically do not support any other players and rush to the opponent base. They are the fastest class and they are close range damage dealers.




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By Yuto Ishiara
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