Vindictus(KR) Episode 8 Features Sexy Boss and 'Erotic' Skills

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Recently Vindictus(KR) unveiled part2 of episode 8. This episode added a sexy boss. Let’s check the information from the video below.

During the fighting process, players can tear up the BOSS’s clothes till almost naked. Besides, there will be ban screen when the boss uses her unique skill --“suck essence”.


To our surprise, the adult contents update made Vindictus hit a peak in its popularity. A large amount of South Korea players ran into the “secret room” in order to see the skill of the BOSS and tore the clothes of the BOSS on purpose. Different from these “evil” players, there are some other players are worry about that the update will be criticized by public.


Moreover, Nexon gave away a great deal of new information about Vindictus at PAX East 2011. Many people went to try out the new content. The greatest mystery in Vindictus is solved - the mystery of what’s up with the duck board! Not a surprising answer. The duck board was implemented into the ship as a way to lighten the mood before a more serious battle.



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