Aeria Games Announced Anime Style MMO Eden Eternal

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Aeria Games announces a brand-new anime style MMORPG Eden Eternal. Currently the company hasn't revealed the release or beta date but you are now able to sign up for the beta.

Eden Eternal - Official Trailer

Eden Eternal provides you 15 classes from warrior to healer, but that's not what Aeria Games really wants to give you. The game won't restrict your characters' classes, on the contrary, it allows you to switch between different classes, and all you need to do is to unlock as many classes as you can.

Eden Eternal

Another selling point of the game is the city management system. You and your guild can attract master craftsmen to settle in your town as you strive to develop your territory and complete missions. As to the combat system, there isn't too much information available at present, but it's sure that there will various monsters, from harmless jellyfish to two-story tall fire breathing dragons.

Eden Eternal



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