Can Korean MMORPGs Evolve Continuously in the Future?

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Since 15 years ago when Nexon presented its MMORPG The Kingdom of The Winds, Korea-made MMORPGs have kept being favored widely with the game content evolved without stop as time goes by.


Different from the original MMORPGs featuring terrible graphics and illogical storylines, MMORPGs pushed out in recent years boast the graphics that are as delicate and dazzling as those of video games, with the in-game actions and action rendering further improved as well. Meanwhile, in-game creative systems also come out one after another, as well as more profound and meaningful game stories.

Blade & Soul


Take TERA, a blockbuster which has recently made quite a stir in South Korea's online game industry, as an example! With the application of Unreal Engine 3, the game has cost about 4 years and nearly 40 billion won. Endowed with a "non-targeting attack system", which used to be considered impossible by the online game industry, as well as "super high-quality graphics", TERA drew much attention from all sides at the early development stage. In a sense, the great evolution reflected in TERA is attributed to the fact that TERA's development team once developed an MMORPG for NCsoft.


TERA, which demonstrates innovative effects in the current online game industry, is claimed to have the best-quality graphics presently by many people, and its evolution degree has also distanced it from other MMORPGs instantly.




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By Cindyhio
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