Trion Worlds Disbands Player's Guild to Give the Name to Another Player?

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Michael Fuchs Trion Worlds Disbands Player's Guild to Give the Name to Another Player
By Michael Fuchs
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Recently RIFT, the MMORPG by Trion Worlds, was released on March 1st. Overall, the launch was incredibly successful. However, the launch day was not without drama. No, there weren't any game breaking bugs or server issues (in fact, I've only ever encountered one issue in the game and a GM fixed the situation within 5 minutes.) On the night of February 28th, a player on the Trion forums by the name of "nacus" posted the following message:

Here is the situation. Our guild shares a name with another much larger guild, it has been like this for many years, and who is to say who started out first?

Before launch day the much larger guild that shares our name chose to go to one of the "top" PVP servers. We saw this and choose to go to Lotham. Head start comes around and we hustle and get the name within the first hour of the server starting.

The next day, the other guild decided that que times were to long on the server they chose so they moved over to our server. (I am sure they had no idea who we are or where were). They protested to a GM that we stole the name, and guess what? The GM disbanded out guild and gave it to them!! Even though we can show that we have used it in other games, and can show they posted that they were not even going to be on our server. Pretty lame if you ask me.

I guess it shows that GM's in this game will favor the larger guilds.


The situation that he is talking about happened on the Lotham server. He had created a guild called the Goon Squad, and then later, the owners of Goon Squad (which is a guild that spans multiple games and participated in the RIFT beta) requested to have their name back from a GM. If you looked at the hyperlink included, you'll see that many people went in support of this person. Comments included raging at Trion, saying that "nacus" should get his guild name back, and a few threats to Trion and the guild that took the name back as well.

Originally, I was also on "nacus" side, and I requested that he send me additional information about this case so that we could post something up for all of you to read. I first received the following email which included their ticket information (Please note that they are in reverse order, with the latest email first):

Response Via Email (GM Giant) 02/25/2011 11:15 PM

Hello Pat!

Thank you for contacting us regarding Rift.

After some investigation the decision was made to allow Goon Squad the use of their guild name. I do apologize that you had not yet been notified of this decision. I have refunded you the 1 Platinum that you paid for the guild charter to this character.

If you have any additional questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds and for playing Rift. Your reference number for this question is 110225-003981


GM Giant

Manager - In-Game Support

Trion Worlds Inc.



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By Michael Fuchs
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