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For those guys who lives in a bubble, here it is a short article about this new targeting system and some new games WITH and WITHOUT this mode of combat.

A non-Targeting mmorpg is a game that allows you to do more things than click and spam 1,2,3,4,5.

In this mmorpg you must find ways to break the enemys defense, by jumping, dashing, etc. So when you get the enemy you start a great combo, by using kick attacks, normal hits and skills. Some of the new games are putting on this new gameplay system. It mades the things more funny and not more repetitive.


This new combat system was not implemented before because it need very powerfull engine to support the correct Pixel reading & the wonderfull graphics of the games.

Most people say that i lie, there was non-targeting combat systems before... And they are right, but they dont use Pixel reading, they use other system, based on the Physical Existence of the character, so if the character was more short than normal, they can be hited in invisible parts that supposed to be in there with a tall character. For example: Rakion

Also, the tecnology advancement makes that the implementation of this system can be possible. The ISP companies get better in the last 4 years, and the Host Servers get even more powerfull than ever, allowing that the users dont have any LAG experience. (Sometimes its for the distances, for example:Argentina - Korea, its much distance to dont have lag.)



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By Yuto Ishiara
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