Singapore Server of Dragon Nest SEA Confirmed

  • Date: 03-03-2011 Views:

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  • Summary: Shanda confirmed that its subsidiary in Singapore would be the server of the South East Asia.

Recently, Shanda, the MMO company of China, confirmed that Singapore will be the South East Asia server for Dragon Nest in 2011. As a subsidiary of Shanda oversea, it is the first time that the Singapore CO. to publish the game independently. What's more, the Q4 2010 financial results conference of Shanda showed Cherry Credits might work with Shanda to operate the game.


Dragon Nest SEA is on its way to be published in Singapore. Besides Singapore, Dragon Nest will update the Japan server on 23rd March 2011, that is Sea Dragon Nest. For most Dragon Nest players, Sea Dragon Nest is attractive and more challenges there. The farming system and the fishing system seem to serve more rare plants and fishes.


Farming system makes you get more rare plants

Fishing System serves you rare fishes

As the most succceful MMO game in China, Shanda achieved much from DN. The same in Japan, the Japan server even annoucend that the first team to beat the Sea Dragon can get more than USD100,000 cash awards.